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Run away with me, in the night, when no one can see us but the stars. Let us run away from mediocre minds, to the place where we can be free.

One step forward, to steps back. It is almost like we dance together in life, trying to find a foothold… Maybe we do? Come dance with me for real! Let go off all the worries and fears, tear down the walls for a moment in total freedom – naked for a other person to see. I will do the same for you, in the deepest respect.

Let our bodies melt together and dance with me until the morning rises – excitement, frustration, tears, laughter, sexuality, vulnerability. Let our bodies move together holding the weakness and strenghts of each other, listening, trying, failing, falling together till we know we are in mutual understanding – finding the perfect rhytm of our bodies to the stage where all doubt is gone. To where we know the next step without speaking. To where we know we hold each other regardless of what the darkness off our minds will show us.

I want you to hold me like I need to be held, because you know how – I sense it in your soulfull eyes. I want to hold you the way you need to be held, because my arms are strong, for you.

I close my eyes to activate all my senses, to the beautiful rhytme of harmony we are creating together in this moment. I know you do the same because you carry the same sensitivity as me, and that is why I know we can dance together, nurturing whats needs to be nurtured on a deeper level than these human bodies…

Close your eyes and hold me so tight that you can feel my heartbeats, and let us float into the night together. Hear the song from my heart that sings every time you look deep into my eyes:


«Don`t be afraid to let me into your mind, because I will not judge you».

«Don`t be afraid to let me into your heart, because I will not hurt you».

«Don`t be afraid to let me into your home, because I will not leave you».


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