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I`m standing in front of your castle,

your door is thick and high covered in silver and gold.

I see there have been travelers before me,

so I stay humble and waiting to be ignored.

Inside there`s a king on his throne,

with a mind as dark as the night.

I come with the wisdom of patience,

and I`m not going to leave you without a fight.

I could hear through the silence a warning, like an echo of sorrows and pain.

A heartbeat never lies and it tells me stories, the stories you forever wanted to hide.

You might think I don`t know the lessons of life, why the darkness grows inside of us all. But if you have ever noticed, even a rose has its thorns. So understand that life might not be, what you always expect to see.

That night like all the nights before, you came when the moon had occurred. You fought the endless soldiers of loneliness, even though you never thought of having a sword. From the tree every night I could see you, a presence that you also could feel. There was something in the air that you recognized, like a heartbeat and this time you felt it was real. For a second there was something that happend, and I knew exactly what this made you feel. So finally you took the courage, and for the first time I could see that you kneeled.

I went down from the tree and our eyes meet, no one had ever watched your battles before. In your eyes I could see that this haunted you, but I also saw hope and that was not to ignore.

Without the strongest weapon of all, I will not let you fight this battle no more. So take my hand king and let`s walk together, and fight the soldiers who haunt your soul. Where we`re going you don`t need a sword dear, because my love for you is the strongest weapon of them all.

© written by TOVE MOSS

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